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Otago's People

Outstanding Alumni


Stories and achievements of Otago alumni are worth celebrating.

For further profiles on Otago staff, students and graduates visit Otago Profiles.

University of Otago Medal for Outstanding Alumni Service

Awarded by the University Council in recognition of outstanding voluntary service.

2012 Tan Sri Dato Dr Hj Ahmad Azizuddin bin Hj Zainal Abidin HonLLD(Otago)
2010 Murray Frederick Brennan MD ChM HonDSc (Otago)
2008 Alister William Robinson BCom (Otago)
2008 Alexander Paul Beresford Kt BDS (Otago)
2008 Neville Clifford Bain MCom HonLLD (Otago)
2007 Trevor Bruce Moyle BCom (Otago)
2004 Wong Cham Mew BCom (Otago)
2003 John Maxwell Gwyn Zinzan BDS (Otago)

Rhodes Scholars

A remarkable proportion of New Zealand's Rhodes Scholars have been Otago graduates.  Many of these were featured in the National Library's Exhibition "A Civilising Mission," which toured New Zealand in 2004 to celebrate the centenary of this highly prestigious award.

A list of Rhodes Scholars is available from the Rhodes Scholarship section of the Universities New Zealand website.

Honorary Degrees Conferred by the University of Otago

Doctor of Laws

2011 David Christopher Graham Skegg
2010 Marilynn Lois Webb
2008 Edward John McCoy
2008 Lindsay John Brown
2008 Mason Harold Durie
2007 John Hall-Jones
2007 Mary Patricia McAleese
2006 Malcolm John Grant
2005 Michael Stedman
2005 Jeremy Waldron
2004 Paratene Ngata
2004 Graeme Fogelberg
2003 Eion Sinclair Edgar
2002 Allan James Hubbard
2001 Ahmad Azizuddin Bin Zainal Abidin
2000 Leo Moggie
1998 Judith Mayhew
1998 Judith Olwyn Medlicott
1997 Frank Wakefield Holmes
1996 Peter Wilfred Tapsell
1994 Ralph Hotere
1994 Douglas William Girvan
1994 Dorothy Rita Fraser
1994 Neville Clifford Bain
1993 Robin Orlando Hamilton Irvine
1993 Iona Williams (nee Livingston)
1993 Haji Sulaiman bin Haji Daud
1993 Silvia Rose Cartwright
1990 James Archibald Valentine
1990 James Bruce Robertson
1990 Sridath Surendranath Ramphal
1982 Maurice Joel
1979 Reginald Stephen Garfield Todd
1979 John Spenser Somerville
1978 Thomas Kay Stuart Sidey
1978 William John Harris
1975 Ronald Victor Christie
1973 Ratu Sir Kamisese Kapaiwai Tuimacilau Mara
1972 Robert Martin Williams
1970 Arnold Henry Nordmeyer
1969 John Lochiel Robson
1969 John Alexander Lee
1969 John Waddell Hayward
1969 Clarence Edward Beeby
1969 Arthur Beacham
1969 Robert Stevenson Aitken
1969 Allen Howard Johnston
1969 John Maclellan Bates
1969 Harold Eric Barrowclough
1968 Arthur Espie Porritt
1968 Carl Victor Smith
1967 Elizabeth Gregory
1962 Charles Ernest Hercus
1962 Robert John Tainsh Bell
1962 Hubert James Ryburn

Doctor of Science

2010 James Robert Flynn
2007 Robert Gordon Webster
2007 John Bevan Gavin
2006 Beryl Overton Howie
2000 Geroge Bouet Petersen
2000 John Bullamore Mackie
2000 William Ian McDonald
1999 James Julian Bennett Jack
1997 Murray Frederick Brennan
1997 Alison Margaret Holst
1997 Mazlan binti Othman
1995 William Sefton Fyfe
1989 Allan Charles Wilson
1979 Terence Albert Rodgers
1975 John Patrick Walsh
1975 Stanley Livingstone Wilson
1975 John Arthur Stallworthy
1975 Frederick Horace Smirk
1975 Edward George Sayers
1975 Thomas Russell Cumming Fraser
1975 Eric Frederick D'Ath
1975 Charles Ritchie Burns
1974 John Thorpe Holloway
1972 Herbert Dudley Purves
1969 Charles Alfred Coulson
1969 Derek Ernest Denny-Brown
1969 Basil Glover Bibby
1968 Muriel Emma Bell
1967 Frederick George Soper
1965 Richard Wright Willett
1962 William Percy Gowland

Doctor of Literature

2011 Brian Lindsay Turner
2009 Shirley Erena Murray
2009 Barbara Lillias Romaine Anderson
2008 Patricia Muriel McQueen
2007 Mary Allan Ronnie
2005 William Manhire
2002 Christopher Francis Rivers de Hamel
2001 Shona Katrine Dunlop MacTavish
1999 Annette Claire Baier
1999 Geoffrey Sandford Cox
1999 George John Griffiths
1998 Hone Tuwhare
1996 James Ng
1994 Ernest Alan Horsman
1984 Daniel Marcus Davin
1984 Norman Davis
1981 His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales
1978 Ruth Minnie Dallas (nee Mumford)
1978 Janet Clutha (nee Frame)
1969 John Cawte Beaglehole
1969 William Parker Morrell
1963 Esmond Samuel de Beer
1963 Charles Orwell Brash
1962 Henry Devenish Skinner

Doctor of Music

2007 Patricia Katherine Payne
1994 William David Southgate
1969 Douglas Gordon Lilburn

Doctor of Divinity

2009 Paul Oestreicher
2000 Graham Norton Stanton
2000 George Angus Fulton Knight
1976 Harold Walter Turner
1976 Lloyd George Geering

Alumni Directory

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Scarfie Notes

Perpetual Scarfie

Attended lecture. Still uninformed, but on a higher level.

Choosing a flat up all those steps was a great idea until I had to shift my furniture.

Did you know the Richardson Building won an architectural award for modernism in 1983?

Double glazing installed in Dundas St flat. Students protest against gentrification.

Dunedin’s summer always occurs during exams.

Fish & chips contain all the important food groups: fat, salt, starch and crunchy bits.

I have located the missing tutorial notes. ALL IS WELL!

Icecream tastes so much better in Woodhaugh Garden.

It’s wonderful how Postgraduates reclaim the library between semesters.

Leith Street is the classy alternative to Castle Street.

My flat doesn’t have a fridge. Superfluous.

My lecturer thinks an hour of reading per night is reasonable. So do the other seven.

My new student ID card makes me look bright orange like Tom Jones. Apparently it’s not unusual.

North East Valley – it’s not just a place, it’s a lifestyle.

Stay warm with stripy thermal underwear. The stripes rub together to create heat friction.

Take a minute to read the graffiti on a library desk.

The Archway lecture theatre spins around and throws you out in the wrong direction!

World-leading Science faculty but still no cure for the Fresher Flu!