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Court of Convocation


University of Otago Council

The Constitution of the University of Otago Council provides for the inclusion of “three members appointed by the University of Otago Council from among the graduates of the University.”

Court of Convocation terms on the University Council are for a period of 4 years.



Members of the University of Otago’s Court of Convocation include those:

  1. whose names were on the Register of the Court of Convocation of the University of Otago on 8 September 1998;


  2. who are Graduates of the University of Otago;


  3. who are holders of diplomas of the University of Otago for which not less than three years of full-time study was required under the regulations in force at the time of the award.


Current representatives on the University of Otago Council

E Oke K Blaikie LLB (Otago)
Lorraine P Isaacs QSM MA (Otago & Hawaii)
Michael J M Sidey BCom (Otago) ACA

The terms of the current representatives will expire at the end of 2014.


Process for Appointment of Court of Convocation Representatives

A Policy on Graduate Appointees to Council approved by the University Council in September 2013 requires that vacant positions be advertised, allowing interested parties to nominate themselves or others as candidates. University of Otago students and staff and those resident outside New Zealand are not eligible for appointment.

Confidential nominations and expressions of interest will be called for towards the end of 2014.

For further information please email

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Scarfie Notes

Perpetual Scarfie

Attended lecture. Still uninformed, but on a higher level.

Choosing a flat up all those steps was a great idea until I had to shift my furniture.

Did you know the Richardson Building won an architectural award for modernism in 1983?

Double glazing installed in Dundas St flat. Students protest against gentrification.

Dunedin’s summer always occurs during exams.

Fish & chips contain all the important food groups: fat, salt, starch and crunchy bits.

I have located the missing tutorial notes. ALL IS WELL!

Icecream tastes so much better in Woodhaugh Garden.

It’s wonderful how Postgraduates reclaim the library between semesters.

Leith Street is the classy alternative to Castle Street.

My flat doesn’t have a fridge. Superfluous.

My lecturer thinks an hour of reading per night is reasonable. So do the other seven.

My new student ID card makes me look bright orange like Tom Jones. Apparently it’s not unusual.

North East Valley – it’s not just a place, it’s a lifestyle.

Stay warm with stripy thermal underwear. The stripes rub together to create heat friction.

Take a minute to read the graffiti on a library desk.

The Archway lecture theatre spins around and throws you out in the wrong direction!

World-leading Science faculty but still no cure for the Fresher Flu!